12*170*830mm Gr5 Titanium Plate Target

12*170*830mm Gr5 Titanium Plate Target
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12*170*830mm Gr5 Titanium Plate Target

  The target in CXMET exported as large quantity everydays. 

It could provide widely international cooperation and service:

(1) Process target mainly in nanotechnologies and surface sciences (some in laser technologies).

(2) Providing sales and technical services.

(3) Research and development of High-tech products mainly in the field of nanotechnology and optoelectronic measurement .

(4) Offering professional consulting works for buid-up and configuration of surface analysis laboratory and nanotechnology centers.

(5)Providing professional consulting works for nanotechnology projects and investments. 

Titanium target

This kind of product is made from high-purity material.

The advantage of this product is corrosion resisting and qualitative light material,

It is mainly applied to maritime industry and chemical industry,

Like STP, Ocean transportation, Petroleum transmission pipeline and chemical plant.

Photos for 12*170*830mm Gr5 Titanium Plate Target

titanium plate target  (1)(1)

T40 titanium planner target for sale (4)

Grade 2 titanium planner target (1)


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