99.95% Chromium Target Machined Polished

99.95% Chromium Target Machined Polished
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Product Details

Product Parameter of 99.95% Chromium Target Machined Polished:

Name :Chromium Target Mark :JCR99-A
Origin :BaojiContent≥ :99.80%
Impurity content :0.002Weight :2.2KG
Brand:CXMETSize :Multiple arcs, plane, rotation, particles

Name: chrome plate, chrome plate

Purity: 99.5 to 99.95%

Production process: chrome raw materials - hot isostatic pressure - forging - polishing - inspection - delivery

Surface condition: polished surface

Delivery method: express (customer designated place)

Packing: standard wooden case packing, with material certificate and packing list attached.

Warranty service: in case of quality problems within the warranty period, return or exchange is supported (within the normal range of use).

Recycling: this unit supports material recycling and price negotiation.

Application: 99.95% Chromium Target Machined Polished is widely used in coating industry

99.95% chromium target  (2)

99.95% chromium target  (3)

packing for titanium cathode 2


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