ASTM B381 Titanium Threaded Flanges

ASTM B381 Titanium Threaded Flanges
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ASTM B381 Titanium Threaded Flange is one of flanges which made by titanium,this kind of flanges are not need to weld but twist with tubes. Because of the characters of titanium, this flange is so light and strong,with a good Corrosion resistance.

What is Threaded Flange?

Threaded flange refers to a flange connected by thread and pipe. When designing, can press loose type flange processing. The advantage is that no welding is required, and the additional torque on the cylinder or pipe caused by flange deformation is very small. The disadvantage is that the flange thickness is large, the cost is higher. Suitable for high pressure pipe connection.

Advantages of titanium alloy:

1. High intensity

The density of titanium alloy is generally about 4.51g/ cm3, which is only 60% of that of steel. The density of pure titanium is close to that of ordinary steel. Some high-strength titanium alloys exceed the strength of many alloy structural steels.

2. High thermal strength

The use temperature is a few hundred degrees higher than aluminum alloy, in the medium temperature can still maintain the required strength, in the temperature of 450 ~ 500℃ long term work these two kinds of titanium alloy in the range of 150℃ ~ 500℃ still have a very high specific strength, while aluminum alloy at 150℃ compared to the strength significantly decreased.

3. Good corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of titanium alloy is much better than that of stainless steel. The resistance to pitting corrosion, acid corrosion, stress corrosion is particularly strong.

4. Good low temperature performance

Titanium alloys can maintain their mechanical properties at low and ultra-low temperatures.

5. High chemical activity

The chemical activity of titanium is large, and the atmosphere O, N, H, CO, CO2, water vapor, ammonia and other strong chemical reactions. When carbon content is more than 0.2%, cemented Tic will form in titanium alloy.

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