Big Titanium Alloy Forging

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CXMET is a large, leading and state-owned manufacturer of titanium forging in China. 

We specialized in raw metal products, like titanium forging, titanium casting and other 

machining parts. All the titanium forging tested as certification of ISO9001 or the third 

party testing part.

Features of Big Titanium Alloy Forging

1. Low Density and High Specification Strength
       2. Excellent Corrosion Resistance
       3. Good Resistance to Effect of Heat 
       4. Excellent Bearing to Cryogenics Property
       5. Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic

6. Good Thermal Properties

7. Low Modulus of Elasticity


Titanium forging one -- titanium flange


Photo of titanium forging one --titanium flange

Big Titanium Alloy Forging 1

Big Titanium Alloy Forging 2


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