Copper Nickel Wire

Copper Nickel Wire
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Product Details

Product Parameter:

Texture:Copper Nickel 
Type:Wire Strip
Particle size:0.0002
Name:Copper Nickel wire
Copper content:85
Usage:Aerospace military electronics, electrical appliances, medical chemicals, etc
Impure content:0.10%

Products: ni-chromium wire, constantan wire, pure nickel wire

Brand: CR20NI80/6 j40 / N6

Specification: nickel chrome wire 0.016mm or more/constantin wire 0.028mm or more/n60.07mm 

packing: bobbin, roll

Price: market wholesale price (17% tax inclusive)

Performance: the conductor has good uniformity and stable resistivity, and the resistance per meter is controlled within 3-8%.

Application: high temperature resistant wire and cable, connection of heating elements, lead wire, high temperature nickel plating, military products (winding resistor), electric heater, heating plate, electric heating ring, small appliances (electric kettle, coffee pot, toaster, etc.)

Component service temperature: 960---1400


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