Cp Titanium Bar

Cp Titanium Bar
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CXMET supply Cp Titanium Bar as follwoing requiriesments

cp titanium bars

1: The chemical composition of titanium and titanium alloy bar shall comply with ASTM B348.

2: The diameter or side length of the hot working bar and its allowable deviation should meet the requirements of ASTM B348.

3: Tllowable deviation of diameter of rod after hot processing by car (grinding) and rod after cold rolling and cold drawing

4: The roundness of the rod after hot processing shall not be greater than half of its dimensional tolerance.

5: The length of the working rod shall be 300-6000mm, the length of the annealed rod shall be 300-2000mm, the length of the fixed rod shall be within the range of the fixed rod length, and the allowable deviation of the fixed rod length shall be +20mm. The length of the double ruler shall also be included in the cutting volume of the bar, and the length of each double ruler shall be 5mm. The length of the fixed ruler or double ruler shall be specified in the contract.

Specification of titanium rod and titanium alloy rod. titanium rod light weight, high strength, excellent mechanical performance, excellent corrosion resistance.Feature of titanium bars

  Where is the titanium rods used?

Cp Titanium Bars are used in: aerospace, ships, auto parts, bicycle parts, Marine engineering desalination, mariculture, offshore oil drilling, seawater pipeline; Marine thermal conversion power stations, condensers, steam turbines and titanium blades in the power industry; The petrochemistry of chlor-alkali, soda ash, urea and vacuum salt in the chemical petroleum industry; Electrolysis and electroplating in metallurgical industry; Textile, paper and fuel in light industry; Medical industry equipment manufacturing machine human replacement joints; Decoration in the building industry; Sports equipment manufacturing, daily life computers, cameras, watches, glasses, mobile phones, kitchenware, and crafts manufacturing.

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Q: Why to Choose CXMET?

A: 1st. Competitive price:Since we set up a larger new plant, all costs are under our control. 

     2nd. Meanwhile we focus on high-volume but low-margin business. 

     3rd. Always stock sponge/ingots when its price at lowest stage.

     4th. Super quality: All of our products are produced by strict inspection for every step of process and recorded & archived,and will submit Mill Test Certificate to client after production finished.Non-conforming products will be treated carefully.

     5th. Our factory has awarded ISO Certificate.

Q: What's CXMET's product?

A: Better Service:Beside of punctual delivery,quick response,good service attitude and after-sell service,we also offer value-added services. And our products is no termination for warranty period.

More details for the cp titanium bars please mail to: sunny@cxmet.com 


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