Customized Grounding Ring

Customized Grounding Ring
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Basic Info of Customized Grounding Ring

CXMET mainly processing the rare metal products. Grounding ring is one kinds of the customied products. 

Application for Customized Grounding Ring

  A ring ground is a type of electrical ground that is used to protect buildings and equipment from damage due to electrical surges. Ring grounds are typically used as protection against lightning strikes. They are also known as ground rings, although this term may also be applied to grounding rings that are installed in metal pipe systems to protect electrical devices such as flow meters.

Photos for Grounding Ring 

DIN150,PN16 grounding ring

DN400 PN16 titanium grounding ring

HC-276 grounding  ring (3)

 CXMET could process Customized Grounding Ring as titanium, nickel, tantalum HC-276 and other metals materials. 


 They mainly processed as your drawing. Welcome your kindly inquiries.


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