Gr2 Titanium Tube Target

Gr2 Titanium Tube Target
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Gr2 Titanium Tube Target

   Our sputtering targets are available in a comprehensive range of compositions, purity levels, shapes and dimensions. For instance, the most common forms of targets including round, rectangular, ring and tube. They are in single or multiple sections construction depending on the size of the target and the properties of the material. We can customise to suit your needs.

   We usually adopt Vacuum Melting or Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) to produce metal&alloy targets and Hot Pressed Sintering for ceramic targets. We choose the appropriate production process to manufacture the products to meet your specific application requirements.


Shapetube target/according to your request
Common size for basic tube 1.Ø153*Ø125*Lmm (L=576mm, 3191mm, 2420mm, 895mm)

2.Ø133*Ø125*Lmm (L=1940mm, 1850mm, 3250mm)

3.Ø165*Ø125*Lmm (L=3191mm, 3250mm)



CertificatesISO9001:2008, SGS, The third test report
GradeGr1, Gr2 for mainly
TechnicsForged and CNC Machined
SurfaceCNC lathe surface.
Application1. Electroplating;
2. Chemical engineering & Petrochemical technology;
3. Medical

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titanium tubular target (5)

titanium tuber target  (2)

cp titanium cathode


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