Grade 2 Porous Titanium Sintered Tube For Water Filter

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Porous titanium products in CXMET

The porous products from CXMET are porous titanium sintered tube/pipe, porous titanium sheet/plate,

porous titanium bar/rod, etc.

Porous products is also called metal powder sintering porous, microporous filter material.

It is made of spherical, irregular metal or alloy powder by powder metallurgy process through mixing, pressing, sintering and other major links of the production of new deep separation, fine filtration components

Photos for  porous titanium sintered Tube

Titanium Microporous Tube (16)
Titanium Microporous Tube (17)
Titanium Microporous Tube (18)

Our service for porous titanium sintered tube 

1. Sintered metal microporous filtration material selection consultation,performance testing, customized production and maintenance.

2. Design, manufacture and budget of various filtration and separation system equipment.

3. Research and development of multi-functional filter materials.

Application for  porous titanium sintered Tube

Used in pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, biological engineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry and gas purification fields. Is one kind has broad prospects for development of new materials.

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