Grade 5 Eli Titanium Rod

Grade 5 Eli Titanium Rod
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α+βtitanium alloyBrandTC4/Ti-6Al-4V
OriginBaojiTi content99.6
Impurity content0.4StandardAmerican standard/Chinese standard
BrandCXMETSpecificationsregular size
usesMedical titanium rodstextureTi 6Al-4V ELI

Grade 5 Eli Titanium Rod

  • Specification: Ф 6.0 mm and 8.0 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm16mm

  • Brand name: TC4/GR5, TC4ELI/GR5ELI,TA1/GR1, TA2/GR2, TA3/GR3

  • Standard: GB/ t13810-2007, ASTM F136, ASTM F67

  • Process flow: choose grade 0 sponge titanium, cast titanium ingot for 3 times, forge bar billet through high temperature piers drawing for many times, hot rolling to the required size of bar billet, machine adding, drawing, heat treatment, straightening, polishing, nondestructive flaw detection, finishing and polishing to finished bar.

  • Physical properties: the tensile strength of TC4 medical bar is 980-1050mpa, the yield value is 960-1000mpa, the elongation after fracture is 25%, the sectional shrinkage is 45%, the tissue a1-a2 is higher

  • Quality supervision: ingredients from titanium sponge and ingot casting, after forming, the three parts samples composition detection, and the ultrasonic nondestructive testing, to ensure good ingot casting material, cut off the riser and the bottom of the ingot casting, processing to finished goods according to the batch sampling for physical testing, to ensure product performance standards.

  • Third-party testing institutions: baoti group testing center, northwest institute of nonferrous metals physical and chemical testing center

  • Advantages: TC4 medical titanium alloy bar has high strength, good biocompatibility, high tolerance grade of shape and position tolerance is generally in (h8,h9). It is mainly used for human orthopedic implant of joints, spine and surgical instruments.

Grade 23 Ti-6Al-4V ELi titanium rod  (3)

stocking for titanium bar  (2)

 Grade 5 Eli Titanium Rod is one of common products in CXMET. Mainly stock for are Gr1 titanium rod, Gr2 titanium rod, Gr5 titanium rod. The titanium rod are all could be customized are Gr7, Gr12, Gr23, etc. CXMET always have the stock for ingot, and could be rolled as customers' demands. 

  Any kinds of need on titanium rod are all could be supplied in a short period. 


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