Grade 5 Titanium Flat Bar

Grade 5 Titanium Flat Bar
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Grade 5 titanium flat bar

Grade 2 forged titanium square bar  (3)

Grade 5 Titanium Flat Bar (4)

Feature for Grade 5 titanium flat bar

  • Heat treatment

  After the solid solution strengthening treatment of mpa of Gr5 materials, the strength does not increase much, which is to 1100MPa. 

In the annealing state, the strength is generally to 900MPa

  • Coefficient of thermal expansion

Gr5 titanium alloy has a series of advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance, low density, high specific strength, better toughness and weldability, etc


  • Mechanical properties 

Tensile strength895 MPa or greater , 

Specified residual elongation stress in the sigma r0.2 / 825 MPa or greater 

Elongation delta 5 (%) of 10 or higher

Reduction of area bits (%) of 25 or higher

  • Density 

4.5 (g/cm3) 

operating temperature 100-550 (℃)

  • Chemical composition

Allowance for Gr5 titanium (Ti), aluminum (Al) 5.5-6.8, vanadium (V), 3.5 to 4.5

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