Hafnium Round Bar

Hafnium Round Bar
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Product information of Hafnium Round Bar

High melting point metal hafnium bar, hafnium bar, purity 99.5%, cross section 10*10mm, length 65mm, the whole 80g or so.

Physical properties

Hafnium, element symbol Hf. Hafnium is a shiny silver-grey transition metal with a density of 13.31g/cm3(20 °C), a melting point of 2233 °C (2506 K, 4051 °F) and a boiling point of 4603 °C (4876 K, 8317 °F). Dense hafnium metal nature is not active, and react with air to form oxide coating, at room temperature is very stable, and powder hafnium in air is easy to spontaneous combustion. Hafnium does not react with dilute **, dilute ** and strong alkaline solutions, but soluble in *** and **. Hafnium is rarely present in the crust and often coexists with zirconium. Hafnium has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, easy to process, fast heat absorption and exothermic properties, is used as atomic materials, alloy materials, high-temperature materials, electronic materials.

Application field of Hafnium Round Bar

1.Because it emits electrons easily, hafnium can be used as the cathode of an X-ray tube. Alloys of hafnium and tungsten or molybdenum are also used as electrodes for high voltage discharge tubes.

2. Hafnium metal has excellent welding performance, processing performance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, so it has become an important material in the atomic energy industry. Hafnium has a large cross section of thermal neutron capture, which is an ideal neutron absorber.

3. Hafnium can be used as a getter for many aeration systems. Hafnium getter removes oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases that are present in the system. In addition, hafnium has a strong anti - volatile, commonly used as hydraulic oil additives, to prevent the high - risk operation of hydraulic oil volatile.

4. Hafnium has the properties of ductility, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, and is also a good alloy material, which is used in a variety of alloys. For example, hafniobium alloy containing 10% hafnium can be used as the nozzle of the lunar rocket, and tantalum tungsten alloy containing 2% hafnium can be used as the protective material of the spacecraft due to its high creep strength.


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