Hastelloy C-276 Nickel Alloy Rod

Hastelloy C-276 Nickel Alloy Rod
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Basic information 

  Nickel and Hastelloy C-276 Nickel Alloy Rod could be customized. 

  Material is Hastelloy C-276, nickel basic alloy material. 

  My factory have two kinds of these material, one process by our own as Chinese local material and the other import from other country.

Feature of Hastelloy C-276

1. Excellent corrosion resistance in reducing environments

2. Exceptional resistance to strong solutions of oxidizing salts, such as ferric and cupric chlorides 
3. High nickel and molybdenum contents providing good corrosion resistance in reducing environments

4. Low carbon content which minimizes grain-boundary carbide precipitation during welding to maintain resistance to corrosion in heat-affected zones of welded joints 
5.   One of few materials to withstand the corrosive effects of wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide  

Photos for Hastelloy C-276 products 

Hastelloy C-276 rod 

N02201 nickel rod

Hastelloy C-276 sheet 

HC-276 hastelloy plate

Hastelloy C-276 coil strip and Hastelloy C-276 foil

HC-276 hasterlloy coiled sheet

  Hastelloy H-276 products could be supplied as following products. HC-276 rod, HC-276 bar, HC-276 sheet, HC-276 foil, HC-276 grounding ring,Hastelloy C-276 Nickel Alloy Rod. 

  There is two kindly of orignal material of Hastelloy C-276, one kinds of proceesed by Chinese native, the other imported from USA, Germany or Japan. 

  Any kinds of original material could be supplied as your demands. 

  Welcome any kinds of inquiry and order.


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