Hf1 Hafnium Wire

Hf1 Hafnium Wire
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     Baoji Chuangxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is one of mainly factory to process the products of non-ferrous metal 

materials. And zirconium and and hafnium products are customized as orders and exported every month.

    Hafnium with great ability to shed electrons into air and has a high melting point, it is the crucial component of the electrode in plasma cutting. High purity hafnium wire has better durablility in plasma cutting.

  And it's feature are more used as Hf1 Hafnium Wire.

Applications Hf1 Hafnium wire 

Used for producing super alloys

Used as solder

Used as a plasma emitter in plasma cutting

Used in plasma cutting electrode (Cutted hafnium wire could be insert into copper parts to make a cutting tip for the plasma cuter.

Photos for Hf1 hafnium wire 

hafnium straight wire.jpg

                                                                  Hafnium straight wire 

hafnium coiled wire.gif

                                                                 Hf1 Hafnium Wire


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