Forginged Sputtering Target

Forginged Sputtering Target
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Forginged Sputtering Target is one of mainly products in my factory -- CXMET. My factory have a serious of equipment to process target by my factory own. 

  • Type: round, plate, tube, U-turn, subulate

  • Material: titanium, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, hafnium

  • Processing: forging, turning

  • Equipment: CNC lathe

  • Common size:

    Round target: Dia40*17mm, Dia63*32mm, Dia62*38mm, Dia100*32mm, Dia100*40mm,

    Dia100*45mm, Dia152.4*42mm, Dia6''*42mm, Dia105*16mm, Dia160*12mm, Dia3*3mm, 

    Dia6*6mm, Dia25*3mm, etc

    Plate target:12*132*1701mm, 13*132*1701mm, 14*132*1701mm, 12*170*830mm,

    8*133*410mm, 8*158*1108mm, 10*53.6*585mm, 10*159*1519mm, 7.7*211*2756mm, 

    18*152*635mm, 18*191*741mm, 18*191*1040mm, 20*190*740mm, 18*108*300mm, 

    19*248*300mm, 19*248*500mm, 19*248*600mm, 19*248*800mm, 18*178*778mm,

    20*152*635mm,  4*130*540mm, 18*244*2008mm, 18*244*3680mm, etc

    Tube target: Dia141*Dia125*1550mm, Dia89.4*Dia73.4*1960mm, Dia152*Dia125*966mm,

    Dia152*Dia125*1566mm, Dia70*Dia56*1050mm, Dia70*Dia56*2100mm, rtc

    U-turn: 19*248*600mm, 19*248*300mm, etc

    Subulate: Dia48*Dia38*25mm, Dia38*Dia31*18mm, Dia79*Dia41*52mm, Dia100*Dia80*100mm

Main Export Markets:Western Europe

  • Central/South America

  • Eastern Europe

  • Mid East/Africa

  • North America

  • Asia

  • Australasia

  • All the target all sould all ove the world.  Accroding to rules of international trade transactions, 

    welcome the inquiries and orders.

    Photos for Forginged Sputtering Target

    titanium plate target 25.4X277.8X333 (3)titanium plate target 25.4X277.8X333 (3)
    Titanium plate Target 25.4*277.8*333mm

    TIAL  alloy Target (4)

    Ti-Al=50:50%at Dia100*40mm 
    U-turn titanium target  (2)
    U-turn target 19*248*300mm
    titanium tubular target (2)
    Titanium & Zirconium tube target Dia141*Dia125*1550mm
    subulate target.jpgsubulate target
    Subulate target Dia79*Dia41*52mm  (Ti-Al alloy, Chromium, Cr-Al alloy)

   CXMET is the direct forginged target supplier, we have our own target factory, and large quantity of target stocked and they will be  processed as customers' demands before shipping. So all our targets could be shipped in a short time.

Q:Why to Choose CXMET on titanium targets?

A: 1st. Competitive price:Since we set up a larger new plant, all costs are under our control. 

     2nd. Meanwhile we focus on high-volume but low-margin business. 

     3rd. Always stock sponge/ingots when its price at lowest stage.

     4th. Super quality: All of our products are produced by strict inspection for every step of process and               recorded & archived,and will submit Mill Test Certificate to client after production finished.Non-               conforming products will be treated carefully.

     5th. Our factory has awarded ISO Certificate.

Q: What's CXMET's target?

A: Better Service:Beside of punctual delivery,quick response,good service attitude and after-sell service,we also offer value-added services. And our products is no termination for warranty period.


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