Inconel Welding Rod

Inconel Welding Rod
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Inconel Welding Rod chromium nickel base wire can be heat treated erni-1 pure nickel wire

Voltage 24 ~ 26

The current 260 ~ 280

Diameter: 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0 2.5 3.2 4.0 mm

Erni-1 pure nickel wire, used for welding industrial pure nickel forgings and castings such as UNS N02200 or UNS N02201, also used for welding nickel plate composite steel and steel surface surfacing and welding of different metals.

Ernicr-3 ni-cr welding wire, used for the welding of ni-cr alloy (such as UNS N06075 N07080), ni-cr alloy (such as UNS N06600, N06601), ni-cr alloy (such as UNS N08800, N08801), as well as for the welding of coating and different metal joints and nickel steel at low temperature.

Ernic-7 nickel base alloy wire: corrosion resistance, good weldability. Argon arc welding of nickel copper. Ernic-7 nickel base alloy welding wire, is nickel copper welding wire: used for monel 400 alloy itself welding; And the welding of monel 400 alloy with steel; Used for surfacing welding of steel surface.

Ernifecr-1 fe-cr wire: SNi8125[NiFe26Cr25Mo] is used for welding chromium-nickel copper alloy [such as UNS N08904] and chromium-nickel molybdenum alloy [such as UNS N08825]. It can also be used for surfacing of steel surface and isolation layer.

Ernifecr-2 nickel-chromite wire; Used for ni-cr niob-mo alloy [such as UNS N07718] welding by tungsten inert gas welding, metal fusion gas welding and plasma arc welding. Weld metal is treated with aging strengthening.


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