What are the basic requirements of aluminum alloy and titanium alloy CNC machine tools different?

The high efficiency and high speed nc machining technology of aluminum alloy has been quite mature and widely used. As the titanium alloy material integral component in the large increase in the number of applications on the plane, the machining efficiency has become the bottleneck of large aircraft manufacturing, equipped with high power high torque spindle titanium alloy material of high speed nc MC machine tools has become a lot of aerospace manufacturing users special attention and priority of one of the modern advanced key manufacturing equipment. All these make the industry pay more attention to the development and industrial application of HEM-HSM processing technology and its equipment.

Many famous CNC machine tools and spindle manufacturers in the world have also strengthened the development and research efforts in the technical field, some machine tool manufacturers even set up a special research and development center, and actively launched a variety of types of CNC machining machine tools for large-scale complex titanium alloy integral structural parts HEM-HSM processing applications.

titanium alloy

As we all know, there is no uniform, clear, authoritative and recognized definition of HSM in the industry until now. In fact, "high speed" in HSM technology is a relative concept, and the range of "high speed" defined by HSM for different workpiece materials or cutting process types is different. The relative machinability Kr of titanium alloy is only 0.22~0.35, which is difficult to machining metal materials. Its high-speed cutting speed range (100~1,200m/min) is much lower than that of aluminum alloy (2,500~7,500m/min). For example, a tool with a diameter of 50mm can be cut at a cutting speed of 628m/min at a spindle speed of 4,000r/min, which is not high speed for aluminum alloy, but high speed for titanium alloy. Obviously, for titanium alloy HEM-HSM processing application of high-speed CNC machining machine is obviously different from the aluminum alloy occasion, simply speaking, aluminum alloy needs high power and high speed spindle CNC machining machine, titanium alloy needs high power and high torque spindle CNC machining machine.