Method to identify fake titanium bar products

Titanium rod acquisition of time, want to buy high-quality titanium rod, but how to identify the good or bad titanium rod? Titanium alloy from many aspects, multi - Angle to identify the good or bad titanium bar.

Titanium rod

1, Fake titanium rod appearance often have pockmarked surface.

The pitted surface is due to serious groove wear caused by titanium irregular surface uneven shortcomings. Because the counterfeit titanium rod manufacturers to seek profit, often present rolling groove rolling most overspend.

2, Fake titanium rod simple scratch, the reason is the fake titanium rod manufacturers simple equipment, prone to burr, scratch titanium material appearance. Deep scratches reduce the strength of titanium.

3, The fake titanium bar bar is thin and low, often filled with dissatisfaction, the reason is that the manufacturers to reach the big negative service, the product before a few lines of pressure down the amount of large, small iron, hole filled with dissatisfaction.

4, Fake titanium rod easy to fold.

Folding is a variety of folding lines formed by the outer surface of titanium rods. This defect often runs through the longitudinal direction of the entire product. The reason for folding is that shoddy manufacturers seek high efficiency, pressure down a large amount, the occurrence of ear, the next rolling when folding, folding products will crack after bending, titanium material strength is greatly reduced.

5, Fake titanium rod appearance prone to scar.

There are two reasons :(1), shoddy titanium rod raw materials are not uniform, impurities. (2) shoddy material manufacturers guide equipment is simple, simple adhesion titanium, these impurities bite roll prone to scar.

6, Shoddy material appearance prone to crack, the reason is that its billet is adobe, adobe air holes, adobe in the process of cooling because of the effect of thermal stress, crack, after rolling crack.

7, Fake titanium bar without metal luster, was light red or similar pig iron color, reason there are two points two, its billet is adobe. Fake material rolling temperature is not standard, their titanium temperature is measured by eye, so it can not be rolled according to the rules of the austenitic area, the function of titanium can not be qualified.

8, The section of the fake titanium rod is oval, the reason is that the manufacturers in order to save information, the product roller before the second way of pressure volume is large, this thread titanium strength is greatly reduced, and does not meet the specifications of thread titanium shape size.