Norwegian titanium completes Boeing parts preliminary review

Norsk Titanium announced that it completed the first phase of Boeing's materials review program, indicating that its Titanium structures meet the long-term production requirements of the two companies' contracts. Ti said its partnership with Boeing was further enhanced by an initial stage of approval. At the same time, the company is conducting more tests as it seeks to supply Boeing with larger, larger and more complex parts. All necessary workshops, equipment and personnel are in place to achieve efficient production. The company's plant in plattsburgh, New York, is one of the most advanced additive manufacturing centers of the century.

titanium plate

After the first batch of additive manufacturing titanium structural parts completed quality certification two years ago, Norwegian titanium production activities have not been interrupted. Over the past two years, Norwegian titanium and Boeing have been working to expand the use of additive manufacturing technology. In addition, Norwegian titanium's r&d and certification center in plattsburgh, New York, is certified by experts. This suggests that different regions, using traditional or new additive manufacturing equipment, can produce parts with the same performance.