Surface treatment of titanium alloy foil and strip

Titanium alloy foil cold rolled strip and plate, the finished products have high precision, uniform and excellent surface shape, stable and uniform mechanical properties and organization. Surface processing of cold rolled thin sheets, strips, or sheets includes glossy processing and glossy processing. The former is rolled flat and bright on the flat machine, and the surface shows metallic luster. The latter is lusterless processing, the surface using weak acid cleaning, shot peening pickling or alumina spraying particles, because of continuous annealing in the atmosphere, the crystal grains and thickness adjustment can control its luster, so that the material can be used as roof decoration materials. Other matte processing can be made by rolling with a slightly uneven roll.

titanium alloy foil

Titanium foil is soft pure titanium as the processing object, and the same flat mill is used for cold rolling production. The thickness of titanium foil in the market is 0.05mm, which is the minimum and minimum thickness of the plate. In addition to pure titanium, there are beta alloy metallic materials.