Titanium alloy exhaust pipe

Stainless steel exhaust with titanium alloy exhaust - Car

Modified exhaust can not only make the waste discharge more smoothly, but also make the sound more obvious;

Stainless steel and titanium alloy are the two mainstream materials in the refitted exhaust market. Most refitted players prefer stainless steel, which is also the mainstream of exhaust in the market. The two have the following three differences:


Compared with stainless steel, titanium alloy is lighter in weight with the same volume. The weight of titanium alloy may be more than one third of that of stainless steel, and its rigidity is better, which can fully meet the requirements of players pursuing lightweight.

titanium pipe

Stainless steel exhaust

2.Heat resistance and heat dissipation

Although the exhaust can withstand high temperature, but compared to titanium alloy heat resistance and heat dissipation is still better than stainless steel material.

Titanium exhaust


Due to the thinner exhaust wall of titanium alloy compared with stainless steel exhaust, sound of titanium alloy exhaust will be more sonorous, stainless steel more deep and deep.

Above is some differences between titanium alloy and stainless steel, although titanium alloy exhaust rigidity is better, heat resistance (dispersion) better, weight is lighter, but the market mainstream is still in favor of stainless steel material. Due to the high cost of titanium alloy materials and processing difficulties are more demanding, the higher the purity of titanium alloy makes it more tensile and bending degree, the higher the heat resistance, and the more expensive the exhaust price. Therefore, according to the different needs of players, the direction they choose will be different accordingly.