Pure titanium and titanium alloy products are used in daily life

Pure titanium products have a layer of dense oxide film on the surface, at room temperature, can be well adapted to various environments, so there is no need to spray, pure titanium kettle has a strong corrosion resistance. Facing the outdoor environment of weak acid or alkali, the pure titanium kettle can deal with it easily. No matter it is river water or rain, mountain rock or vegetation, the pure titanium kettle can contact with it directly without being corroded. Due to the lack of coating on the whole body, the kettle presents a unique gray color of pure titanium products, which can also be heated directly on the fire source.

For example, the lid of a kettle is made of pure titanium and rubber. Considering the corrosion resistance and health of the product, the quality of the lid is better. Pure titanium products are completely harmless to humans, so it's ok to heat water and food in a pure titanium container. Single layer of pure titanium kettle does not have insulation function, which is suitable for use under snow line. The kettle with pure titanium lid can be heated directly when it is not tightened, so as to ensure better water quality.

Titanium is less dense than traditional stainless steel. A 550ml titanium kettle weighs only 99g, while a stainless steel kettle of the same specification is about twice as heavy as a pure titanium one. Lighter gear often means more efficiency when traveling, and using pure titanium products for outdoor activities can help ease the burden on travelers. Pure titanium is strong, comparable to stainless steel and far superior to similarly lightweight aluminum products. In the climbing process, collision is inevitable, even if the kettle fell to the rocks, still intact. In some special cases, pure titanium kettles can even be used as supports in case of emergency.

Titanium alloy is the only metal with the least damage to the human body, because it has the least damage to the human body, and is then used as the raw material for human joints, bones and other implants. Japan has invented a high-tech toothbrush, with a titanium tube, absorb light produce anion, need not when using the brush and toothpaste, and remove stubborn cigarettes and coffee, keep the user long-term white teeth, fresh breath the eco-friendly toothbrush was named the clinical experiments show its teeth effect is better than ordinary toothbrush and electric toothbrush. The key lies in the titanium bar connecting the toothbrush rod and the brush head, which can convert light into negative ion energy. When the toothbrush comes in contact with the teeth, negative ions attract positive ions, and dental stains and stains disintegrate at the molecular level. After use, you don't need to rinse your mouth. The technology has been shown to be effective in removing bacteria and stains from the mouth, reducing gum bleeding and allergies and reducing the risk of gingivitis. Titanium excellent biocompatibility, completely non-toxic, harmless, non-allergic to the human body, its appearance after the anodic oxidation treatment, formed by the oxidation film has antibacterial, more than light, high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy to high temperature disinfection, and then titanium alloy is made into a lot of titanium articles for daily use.