Machinable Tungsten Rod

Machinable Tungsten Rod
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Product Details

Product Parameter of Machinable Tungsten Rod:

BrandCXMETImpure contentStandard
OriginBaojiParticle sizeStandard

Product introduction

Tungsten can make propeller nozzle, cutting metal blade, drill bit, super hard mold, wire drawing die and so on, tungsten USES are very extensive, involving mining, metallurgy, machinery, construction, transportation, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, textile, aerospace, science and technology, various industrial fields.

Application of Machinable Tungsten Rod:

Application scope

Tungsten electrode is used for welding in the application range of TIG. It is a tungsten matrix that is doped with rare earth elements of 0.3-5% or so by means of powder metallurgy, such as: Cerium, thorium, lanthanum and yttrium and tungsten alloy bars, after pressure and diameter from 0.25 to 6.4 mm, the length of the standard, from 75 to 600, and the most commonly used specifications for the diameter of 1.0, 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2, to the electrode shape is an important factor for TIG, when using DCSP, tip need to be ground into sharp shape, and its cutting-edge Angle with application scope, the electrode diameter, and the welding current to change, the tip of the narrow joint need a smaller Angle, when welding very thin material, with low current, acicular zui small electrode for, to stabilize the arc, Proper grounding electrode can ensure easy arc initiation, good arc stability and proper bead width. When welding with AC power, do not have to grind the electrical extreme, because the use of appropriate welding current, the electrical extreme will form a half ball, if increase the welding current, the electrical extreme will become bulb shape and may melt and pollute the molten gold.

99.95% pure tungsten rod  (5)

bright tungsten rod  (9)

tungsten bar  (1)


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