Mo1 Molybdenum Boat

Mo1 Molybdenum Boat
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Application of Mo1 Molybdenum Boat

Lots of molybdenum boat used as evaporation carrier, so it have another name called molybdenum evaporation boats. All kinds of molybdenum boat for vacuum metallizing are avaliable .

Molybdenum boats are manufactured by our special products line are elaborately made of both metal and nonmetal materials in reducing atmosphere, and also as sintering boat for power products.

All kinds of molybdenum evaporation boats for vacuum evaporation are avaliable according to the requests of customers.

We will even custom-manufacture moly evaporation boats to your specifications.

Molybdenum boat

Material: Pure Molybdenum and TZM Molybdenum alloy boat
Size: (20-100) x (20-100) x (50-800)L, (0.5-5.0mm) thk or according to the drawings from the customers.
Application: for sintering precision ceramics.

Photos for molybdenum boat

fold molybdenum boat  (2)

fold molybdenum boat  (5)

fold molybdenum boat  (7)

Mo1 Molybdenum Boat could be supplied as round bottom, flat bottom, sharp bottom. 

Common size are 110, 210, 215, 310, 315 or any other as drawing

Molybdenum boat could be process as punching, floding, welding, etc.


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