molybdenum round bar

molybdenum round bar
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Molybdenum round bar features.


(1) Molybdenum bars are mainly used in drawing thin molybdenum wire , molybdenum electrode and steel-making additives. Meanwhile , molybdenum bar is also widely used in the furnace industry for radiation screens , elements , and sintering trays.


(2) Molybdenum rod is used aselectric light  source parts and electric vacuum components.


(3) Molybdenum rod is used as heating elements and refractors in high temperature furnaces.


(4) Molybdenum rod is used as electrodes in glass and refractory fiber industry.


(5) Molybdenum rod is used as electrodes in the rare industry.


The molybdenum rod bar tolerance.

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Photos for molybdenum rod and molybdenum bar

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  Molybdenum mainly supplied as 99.95% molydenum, TZM, Mo-La alloy ,molybdenum round bar,products, etc. 

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