2018 18th Asian Game Jakarta Palembang

  The Asian Game in Jakarta began from 18th. August 2018. Jakarta is the third city, which is the capital city got the sencond hosting right after Bangkok and New Dehli. 

  Jakaata were hold the forth Asian Game in 1962. The Jakarta Asian games have 40 events, including 32 Olympic and eight non-olympic events. Jakarta will also host the third Asian paralympic games after the Asian games, and the co-host city of the 18th Asian games is jugang.


  19th. August 2018, Chinese athletes got the following result

  • Sun Yang won the Gold Medal in the men's 200m freestyle final

  • Ji Xinjie won the Bronze Medal in the men's 200m freestyle final

  • Wang Jianjiahe won the Gold Medal in the women's 15000m freestyle final

  • Li Bingjie won the Silver Medal in the women's 1500m freestyle final

  • Liu Yaxin won the champion in the women's 200m backstroke

  • Peng Xunwei won the the third place in the women's 200m backstroke

  • Xu Jiayu won the Gold Medal in the men's 100m backstroke

  • Zhu Menghui, Wu Yue, Wu Qingfeng and Yang Junxuan won Silver Medal in 4x100m freestyle final

  • China HongKong won Bronze Medal in 4x100m freestyle final

  • Sun Peiyuan won the Gold Medal in the  Changquan events 

  • Wu Jiayu and Ji Xiaojing won the Gold Medal in the 10 m air pistol mixed group final

  • Qian Jiarui won the Gold Medal in the Women's sabre individual competition

  • Shao Yaqi won the Silver Medal in the Women's sabre individual competition

  • China women's volleyball team beats Vietnam

  All above were the result for Chinese Players. Hope in the next game, the Chinese team can be more and more brave, again success.

  More result please pay more attention from CXMET Website.