Application Field Of Coated Titanium Anode

Application fields of coated titanium anode include chemical industry, electrometallurgy, water treatment, environmental protection, electroplating, organic electrolytic synthesis, cathodic protection, electroosmosis plate, electrolytic pickling steel plate, metal foil production and other electrolytic industries.

titanium anode of China

The electrolytic industries using titanium electrodes include: Chlor-alkali industry, sodium sulfate by-product recovery into sulfuric acid and caustic soda, chlorate production, hypochlorite production, perchlorate, persulfate electrolysis, organic electrolytic synthesis, electrolytic extraction of non-ferrous metals, the production of electrolytic silver catalyst, synthetic diamond production in the recovery of nickel and cobalt, dissolved method to recycle the waste residue of WC - Co carbide, electrolytic copper foil, aluminum foil into, anode foil production and water electrolysis, water treatment, high building water tank water treatment, take ionized water electrolysis legal system, the method of electrodialysis desalination, water and food utensils disinfection, electrolytic sterilizing water, food and beverage wastewater treatment, Landfill exudate of electrolytic oxidation treatment of hospital wastewater treatment, recycled water electrolysis processing, denitrifying denitrification of wastewater treatment (ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment), industrial water treatment, the production of sodium hypochlorite preparing chlorine dioxide, ozone generator, the processing of power plant circulating water cooling, cooling circulating water treatment, electroplating factory bearing cyanide wastewater, electrodialysis electro-dialysis recovery of nickel, nickel plating wastewater flotation method removal of iron cobalt nickel electroplating wastewater, mining gold cyanide wastewater treatment, wool dyeing wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, electrodialysis method of treatment to the waste-water acid water, copper etching liquid regeneration and recycling, Ink production of sewage treatment, electric release nitrogen on nuclear waste water of NO3 -, the degradation of organic wastewater treatment, electrochemical catalytic oxidation degradation of aniline, electrolytic treatment of alcohol wastewater, cobalt phthalocyanine dye water processing, galvanized steel plate, steel plate tin plating, trivalent chromium plating, chrome plating, gold plated, rhodium plating, plating iridium platinum and palladium, ruthenium plating, plating iridium, cathodic protection, electrodialysis method take tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide, molten salt electrolysis, battery production, titanium base metals oxide PH electrode coating, printing, use the PS version of production in liquid conductive pole, manganese dioxide production, recycling and disposal of waste battery, nickel clad steel barrel plating production and electromagnetic propulsion ship.