Custom Titanium CNC Parts Machining

In recent years, titanium has become dramatically more significant as a advantage material in machine factory. Two industries are driving this. One is aerospace. The latest aircraft designs use dramatically more titanium than planes of the past. The other is the medical industry. Titanium is a common material used for implants and devices used within the body. because Titanium’s high hardness and low thermal conductivity make it more challenging to machine than other metals that most machine shops are more accustomed to facing.

CXMET can manufacture custom titanium machined parts,or titanium CNC parts, We are well acquainted with the proper titanium machining methods for maximum part accuracy and longevity. Additionally, we have fully upgraded machinery that is uniquely designed to work with titanium.

For highly specialized titanium machining requiring intricate accuracy,CXMET is a leader in CNC titanium parts experience and client satisfaction.Contact us for more information.