CXMET Began To Work Normally

   From the day 11st. Feb. 2019 Monday, CXMET start to work again after Chinese New Year's Holiday.

   Here, CXMET hope in the 2019 all the people in CXMET and all the customers could have a brand-new year.  In 2019, hope could could do more cooperation with everyboday. 

CXMET titanium supplier  (1)

CXMET titanium supplier  (2)

  CXMET: Baoji Chuangxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd and Shaanxi CXMET technology Co., Ltd. 

  CXMET is a one-stop supplier. We could supply the products for titanium, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium etc. 

  Lots of products could be customized as your demands. 

  Mainly products are titanium bar, titanium tube, titanium pipe-fittings, titanium plate, titanium sheet, titanium foil, titanium wire, and titanium customized products. 

  Nickel products supplied as nickel bar, nickel tube, nickel pipe-fittings, nickel plate, nickel sheet, nickel foil, nickel wire, and nickel customized products. 

  Zirconium products supplied as zirconium bar, zirconium tube, zirconium pipe- fittings, zirconium plate, zirconium sheet, zirconium foil, zirconium wire, and zirconium customized products. 

  Welcome your any kinds of inquries. will be your best choice.