CXMET Is Taking Part In 2018 TITANIUM USA

   2018 titanium USA held from 7th Otc to 9th Otc 2018. 

   CXMET include Baoji Chuangxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd and Shaanxi CXMET Technology Co., ltd. 

This time Shaanxi CXMET Technology Co., Ltd attend the exhibition and the following is the photo. 

2018 titanium  USA.jpg

The person are Mrs. Jessie, Mr. Ma(boss for two company) and Mr. Tony(Boss for Shaanxi CXMET)

  Our standard is 625a, welcome your visitation. 

  At the end of the Octuber 2018, CXMET will also attend the 2018 Korea Metal Week. And Sunny, Nicklo, Mr. Ma and Mr. Tony are stand is 3c132. 

  Welcome your visitation. 

CXMET's products are titanium forgings. Include titanium disc, titanium target, titanium block, titanium ring, titanium flange and other forgings. 

  Titanium anode also could be supplied. They are titanium anode for water treatment application, titanium anode for chlorine dioxide by electroysis, titanium anode for electrodialysis, titanium anode for removing calcium and magnesium from industrial waste water, titanium electrode for electroplating, platinum plating titanium anode, precious metal-coated titanium anode for copper electrodeposition, lead diocide anode, titanium anode for vortex electrolytic, etc. 

  If you have any demands on titanium anode products or other titanium products, just email to