CXMET Outing On Sunday

  On 12nd. and 13th. August, CXMET have a short travel on Jiulong Mountain scenic spot. All the people in CXMET take part in the hike. 

  Jiulong Mountain, located in the west of Baoji, which is the titanium valley. (Baoji is a industrial city and mainly process and sale the products of titanium, zirconium, zinc and alumium).  Every year, large quantity of titanium products, zirconium products and oil equipment export to all over the world. 


  CXMET mainly process the products of titanium and zirconium. We have about 20 office worker and nearly 50 workers in work shop. The travelle on this year include most of the office workers  and workshop workers.


CXMET team.jpg

  Jiulong Mountain  is one of vein of Qinling Mountain. That surrounded by mountains, there are hot spring. 

  In the morning, all the CXMET people climbe the mountain and there is a light rains in the mountain and the air very fresh and not very hot, in the deep of mountain there is a little cool. 


Jiulong mountain.jpg

The Peak Panorama of Jiulong Mountain

   In the afternoon, we meet in the hot spring, talk about our work, our life and watch the show -- Tang Dynasty. 


  All the CXMET people enjoy the meeting and in the next week, the next month, we will show every body more about CXMET's able. 

  Hope in the future, we will have a brand new cooperation.