CXMET Will Be Fully Back At Work Next Week

   From the 20. August 2018, the government develop a program. To check the environment for every factory and ask all the factory to rectify and reform. 

  Lots of the factory had been stop to clearn and inspection machine. CXMET is a relatively large factory and we have enough producstion value and certification for the environment. So my factory had been agreed to recovery this week. All the preparation work had been doen this week. 

  CXMET will recovery to processing in next week. Welcome any kinds of inquiries and orders. 


  CXMET could supply the products like following 

Titanium titanium bar titanium rodtitanium wire 

titanium tube titanium pipe 



titanium sheettitanium platetitanium strip titanium foil 

titanium particletitanium target, titanium ring, titanium block, titanium flange, titanium fasteners, titanium grounding ring, etc
Nickel nickel bar nickel rod nickel wire Ni-Ti alloy wire 

nickel tube nickel pipe Nickel plate nickel sheet
Tantalum tantalum bar tantalum rod tantalum wire 

tantalum tubetantalum pipe tantalum platetantalum sheet

tantalum particle: tantanlum grounding ring, tantalum crucible, 

tantalum target , Ta-W alloy products

Niobium Niobium barNiobium rod Niobium wire 

niobium tubeniobium pipe niobium plate niobium sheet
tungsten bartusngetn rodtungsten wire W alloy wire           

tungsten plate
tungsten sheettungsten crucible 
Molybdenummoly barmoly rod moly wire TZM products

moly platemoly sheetmoly crucible 
Zirconium zirconium barzirconium rodzirconium wire 

zirconium platezirconium sheetzirconium targetzirconium crucible

  The aboove is lots of our products could be customized. Just waiting for your kindly inquiries and orders. 

  More details email to