Development Prospect Of Titanium Marine Scrubber

First of all, titanium and titanium alloy are the best choice for marine scrubber due to their high strength, small specific gravity and strong resistance to seawater corrosion. Experts say some ocean scrubbers are still made of steel and nickel alloy, but because of the short life of steel and nickel, continuous use can cause waste and metal pollution problems. At present, the traditional ocean scrubber (made of steel and nickel alloy) still occupies a certain proportion. Because for people who don't know much about titanium, they think it's expensive, it's not worth it. If the unit price of a titanium seabed scrubber is compared with a conventional one, the ITA team says, titanium seabed scrubbers are 35% more expensive.

titanium marine scrubber

In practice, however, titanium-based ocean scrubbers are much cheaper in the long run than conventional ocean scrubbers because of their long life. With a 25-year cycle, conventional seabed scrubbers may be replaced 3-4 times due to corrosion problems, but titanium seabed scrubbers can still be used. Experts believe that with the continuous development of the titanium industry and the increasing public awareness of titanium, titanium ocean scrubbers will be more widely used

Whether the global titanium industry can meet such a huge demand is a challenge, but iTA is confident that the global titanium industry supply chain is well established, especially with the development of titanium products for Marine applications.