Filtration Accuracy Of Titanium Rod Sintered Filter Element

The sintered filter element of titanium bar is made of non-woven, laminated and high-temperature sintered metal fibers with micron diameter. Titanium rod sintered filter core consists of layers with different pore sizes and pore gradients. Can continuously adhere to the filter screen cloth filtering effect, and has three-dimensional mesh, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area, uniform distribution of pore size and other characteristics. Thus, titanium rods sintered filter effectively overcome the defects of metal netease plugging, vulnerability, makes up for the powder filtration products lack of fragile, small flow rate, processing the filter paper, filter cloth, not high temperature resistant, pressure characteristic, therefore, titanium rods sintered filter has excellent filtering performance, is the ambition of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high precision filter material. Main applications: 1. Filter purification of various polymer melts in chemical industry and film industry; 2. 2. Filtration of various high-temperature and corrosive liquids in petroleum and chemical industry; 3. Fine filtration of various hydraulic oil and lubricating oil of mechanical equipment; 4. Clear filtration of various liquids in pharmaceutical, biological and beverage industries.

Product information and characteristics of titanium bar sintered filter element? Flushing performance advantages, such as it can be used alone, but also for grading transmitte made of single layer or multi-layer metal mesh layer and the composition of screen mesh according to the application premise and use of the differences, filtration precision for value with heart rate is high, withstand the pressure is big, straight degree good, stainless steel material, with no burr, security application of long life, filter cylinder mesh symmetry, for 1-500 um particles, liquid filtration precision is high, the result is good, filter tube area, precision filter cartridges, filtering cylinder shape size can be customized according to the drawing processing, divided into titanium rods sintered filter, high efficiency filter cartridges, lubricating oil filter cartridges, dust filter cartridges, titanium rods sintered filter, too Filter tube filter element filter screen, for detachable cylindrical setting equipment, the top and bottom of the tube closed, surrounded by a filter medium.

The relationship between sintering efficiency and resistance of titanium rod filter element. Through our "resistance setting standards for air filters of different levels", we know the initial and final resistance of air filters. When the resistance increases to a certain value, the filter is defined as scrapped, that is, the value of filtration efficiency is 0. Why is this? Titanium rods sintered filter, stainless steel sintered filter, stainless steel powder sintered filter, introduction of titanium rods sintered filter's main filtration material is made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel net filter medium, titanium rods sintered filter each joint seal face with argon arc welding process, filter layer adopts multiple folding folding process, constitute a complete filter, no leakage, no medium falls off phenomenon, sintered stainless steel fiber felt is a kind of stainless steel fiber through high heat sintering porous depth filtration material form; Stainless steel woven mesh is made of stainless steel wire woven.

The main sources of blockage caused by the sintered filter element of titanium rod are: impurities generated in the working process, such as fragments of seals formed by hydraulic pressure, metal powder generated by relative wear caused by movement, and colloid, asphaltene and carbon residue generated by oxidation deterioration of oil liquid. External impurities entering the hydraulic system, such as dust entering through the refueling port and dust ring; Remains after cleaning in the hydraulic system of mechanical impurities, such as scale, casting sand, slag, iron scraps, paint, paint, leather and cotton yarn after the impurities mixed with hydraulic oil, with the cycle of sintered mesh cartridge, everywhere will damage, the serious influence the normal work of the hydraulic system, such as the oil film between relative motion components, make relatively small gaps between the moving parts in the hydraulic components (meter) and throttle holes and gaps jammed or blocked; Increase internal leakage, reduce efficiency, scratch gap surface, increase heat, aggravate oil chemical effect, make oil deterioration.