High Quality of Titanium Tubes, Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tube

Titanium tube and titanium alloy tube made in china

we can offer titanium tube and titanium alloy tube,Gr5 Titanium tube,titanium hollow bar.

Titanium and titanium alloy tubes for heat exchangers and condensers(GB/T3625-2007)

3150t horizontal extrusion press ,1000t vertical piercing machine and series of tube rolling mills make it possible to produce various of extruded and rolled seamless tubes of rare metals .
Seamless tubes and pipes . manufactured by cold rolling process from extruded pipe blanks and annealed in vacuum annealing furnace ,have good quality and varied outside diameter and wall thickness
Standard and designation:

Cold-rolled Tubes and pipes specification:
Outside diameter 10-114mm
Wall thickness 0.5-5.5mm
Length OD 10-15mm 4.000mm max.
      OD Over 15mm 12.000mm max.
Finish cold rolled and annealed in vacuum annealing furnace
Extruded pipes specification:
Outside diameter 25-210mm
Wall-thickess 4-30mm
Length: 1000-10000mm

Our advantage is titanium alloy tube,such as OD43*WT1.8*2700mm used in oil industry,and OD33.1*WT1.27*1313mm used in aircraft.we can control the rolling in a secret temperature,confirm the rolling tube with a good performance!

Of course,other factory may drilling the hole with rod,but the cost will high .if you need a big quanity,you can try rolling the gr5 tube from CXMET.