High Temperature Titanium Alloy Ti600

Titanium alloy has low density, high specific strength and advantages of good corrosion resistance which is  candidate materials for aerospace engine compressor rotor and blade. the material of aircraft engine extremely demanding in high temperature and high pressure, high load working conditions. therefore, all countries in the world are racing to develop 600 ℃ high temperature titanium alloy, used for compressor wheel, blade and casing, etc of the  high thrust-weight ratio aeroengine.Now,a variety of excellent performance of high temperature alloy has been developed. such as the Ti 1100 alloy from United States, IMIs34 alloy from British, China Ti600 from the scientific research institutions.Our company can provide High Temperature Titanium alloy Ti600 products according to customer's requirements and some titanium alloy rod stocks because of good cooperation relationship with China  Research Institute cooperation.Welcome to inquiry!