Rolling Technology On The Mechanical Behavior Of Ti6al4v Seamless Tube

Titanium alloy has high corrosion resistant, small density, good fatigue strength. And it has good ability to resist crack propagation, It has broad application prospects in aviation, spaceflight, automobile, shipbuilding, energy and other industries. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance. It will be thinner than other metal, so the heat exchange efficiency is better.

6Al4V titanium alloy is one of the most widely used titanium alloy, it has high strength, good corrosion resistance.
GR5 titanium material is mainly used plate. On the market, GR5 tube is mainly used  by hot extrusion or perforation of the diagonal method.

The main cause of the current status of GR5 titanium alloy is high intensity, difficult to be cold rolling forming. In order to solve the key technology of GR5 seamless tube cold rolling forming. If use cold rolling forming technology producing high strength titanium alloy pipes directly, not only greatly reduce the production cost, and can meet the requirements for high performance applications of titanium alloy.