The Application Of High Purity Nickel Chromium Alloy Target: 99.95%、99.99%.

High purity Nickel chromium alloy target

High purity nickel chromium Target is widely used in high purity nickel chromium alloy tools

and decorative coating, PET chips, including golden series, silver series, series of black

and color series, magnetron sputtering coating raw materials.
Decorative coating material include gold, silver, black and color series, can be plated

watches, glasses, faucet, door handle, pens and other decorative hardware/crafts.Feature

film including target material wear-resisting, antifriction, corrosion resistance and self

lubricating film series, can be plated bit, cutter, mould, etc.The main target type are

circle target, coaxial cylinder target and plane target.At the same time provide the

metallization of target and also help service.

High purity Nickel Chromium alloy target: 99.95%、99.8%.
The related formula of high purity nickel chromium alloy is: Ni80Cr20,Ni90Cr10 Ni60Cr40 ,

ingredients according to customer requirements.