The Application Of Titanium In Industrial Production

Because titanium has strong corrosion resistance in acid, alkali, and smoke media, it presents the characteristics of better stability. For example, in the chlor-alkali industry, titanium is widely used as a metal anode and a wet chlorine cooler made of titanium, which has received very good economic results. It can be said to be a great revolution in the chlor-alkali industry. Utilizing the characteristics of good stability of titanium, it has become a good structural material in the process of petroleum refining and petroleum refining, and it has a wide range of applications in heat exchangers, reactors, high-pressure vessels and stills. For another example, because titanium has a good gettering function as an active metal, it has become a degassing agent in the steelmaking industry. It can combine the oxygen and hydrogen precipitated when steel is cooled. If a small amount of titanium is added to the steel, the steel can be hard and elastic. Therefore, titanium has become an important alloy additive in the steelmaking and aluminummaking industries. In the hydrometallurgical copper industry, titanium is widely used in the electrolysis of copper, manganese, cobalt, and nickel. Utilizing the corrosion resistance of titanium, in the production of refined fertilizers, titanium has replaced stainless steel as an application part of important refining equipment. Because the mixture of urea, ammonia, and ammonium carbamate is highly corrosive under high temperature and high pressure conditions, ordinary equipment cannot withstand long-term corrosion, but the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium can overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks, not only that, Titanium is also widely used in the desalination industry and shipbuilding industry, because titanium has better corrosion resistance to seawater than other metals, and it has strong stability in static or flowing seawater. In short, over the years, due to the continuous efforts of scientists, the understanding of titanium has become more and more profound, and people's ability to control and use it has become stronger.

Pure Titanium Rod for Shipbuilding industry