The Aviation-grade Titanium Alloy Bar Production Line Was Successfully Commissioned In Xianyang

A few days ago, Shaanxi Tiancheng  completed the first thermal load test run of the titanium alloy rod and wire production line, marking the official completion of China’s first aviation-grade titanium alloy rod and wire production line, which has greatly promoted the growth of the titanium industry. Quality development.

In recent years, China has made considerable progress and development in the aerospace field. The application of these high-precision technologies must be backed by a strong backing made in China. However, materials have always been a bottleneck restricting the rapid development of China's aerospace and military industries. In the titanium industry, high-quality aviation-grade titanium alloy rods and wires are a weak link in the entire supply chain. Related domestic industries have been relying on imported raw materials or imported finished products to maintain production.

The high-performance titanium alloy rods and wires produced by Tiancheng Aviation Materials perfectly fill the material gaps in many high-end applications such as domestic aviation standard parts, engine blades, high-quality medical titanium, etc., and also break through the restrictions of dependence on imports of related materials. , Provide solid support for the upgrading and development of the military industry.