The First Deep Well Test Of Titanium Alloy Drill Pipe Succeeded

The titanium alloy drill pipe introduced by The Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute of Northwest Oilfield has successfully completed the first field test of TS3CX well in Tahe Oilfield. This means that The Northwest oil field has taken a solid step in the field of drilling tool lightweight, filling the blank of deep well use of titanium alloy drill pipe in China.

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The drilling depth of the titanium alloy drill pipe was 6,263.41 meters. The pure drilling time of the titanium alloy drill pipe into the well was 143 hours, with a total of 160,000 RPM, and the drilling tool was in good condition. The field test evaluation results showed that the performance indexes of the titanium alloy drill pipe fully met the requirements of technical specifications and actual working conditions, and the overall performance reached the advanced level of similar products.

Compared with the traditional steel drill pipe, titanium alloy drill pipe has five advantages: light weight, corrosion resistance, long life, high flexibility and non-magnetic. Under the same specification, the weight of titanium alloy drill pipe is 57% of that of conventional steel drill pipe, which means that the use of titanium alloy drill pipe is lighter, drilling construction can choose a lower grade drill, which can greatly save the daily drilling fee, thus reducing drilling costs.

"From a single drill pipe, the price of titanium alloy drill pipe is 20 times higher than that of steel drill pipe, but from the overall effect, the use of titanium alloy drill pipe can reduce the drilling load by more than 40%, thus reducing the selection of drilling specifications and reducing construction energy consumption; The air life of titanium alloy drill pipe is 10 times that of the conventional drill pipe of the same specification, and 100 times that of the conventional drill pipe under corrosive environment, which greatly improves the safety and service cycle of the drill pipe, especially suitable for the drilling operation under the complicated well conditions such as ultra-deep well and short radius well in northwest oil field. Northwest oilfield engineering institute drilling technical director Yi Hao said.

It is reported that the early ultra-deep short radius side-drilling technology has been successfully tested for the first time in Tahe Oilfield, and performed well in both cost reduction and oil increase. However, the harsh working conditions caused by high production slope make the application of short radius technology have the problem of high risk of drilling tools, and the appearance of titanium alloy drill pipe just solves this problem. Its characteristics of long life and high flexibility not only ensure the bending adaptability of drilling tools in the eyes of high-curvature Wells, but also reduce the incidence of drilling tool faults, which can effectively improve the drilling efficiency and safety of short-radius horizontal Wells, and escort the popularization and application of short-radius sidetracking technology in Tahe Oilfield.