Titanium Bar Exported As Large Quantity

  Recently, CXMET have large quantity of processing on titanium bar. 

  CXMET have a serious of equipment to processing titanium bar. 

  The equipment for processing 

centrenless lathe, flaying machine, polished machine, annealing furance, chamfer machine, CNC milling machine, CNC, straightener, etc. 

  The inspection equipment 

performance detector, eddycrurrent inspection, nondestructive inspection, the laser diameter measurement, ultrasonic inspection. 

  Hot working equipment 

forging hammer, vacuum anneal furance

  The titanium bar could be supplied as round, flat, hexagon 

titanium bar  (16)

titanium flat bar  (8)

titanium hexagonal bar  (1)

The titanium bar are all could be customized as your demands. 

More details please contact with sunny@cxmet.com