Titanium Flange Is An Important Development Direction Of Titanium Industry

With the improvement of national living standard and production level, the intelligent requirement of consumer products becomes more prominent. In China's hardware industry, the titanium flange as the representative of the pipeline connector to the multi-industry application direction.

From the perspective of the global pipeline connection industry, developed countries in Europe and The United States have long separated themselves from the traditional production stage of flange parts and switched to the r&d, design and production of titanium flanges capable of bearing great pressure, thus seizing the high-end manufacturing market such as chemical industry, petrochemical industry and machinery.

titanium flange factory

Hot processing, mainly forging, rolling and extrusion is the basic production means of titanium flange semi-finished products and products. In view of the high sensitivity of titanium flange structure to hot machining process, the correct selection and mastery of technological parameters is not only very important to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the product, but also a key factor to the internal quality of the product.

Therefore, the titanium flange which can withstand great pressure and can be disassembled is also an important development direction of pipe fitting industry in China