Titanium Industry’s Worry

    The film ‘charlotte troubles’ left many thinking, titanium industry stumbling on the road more trouble than charlotte.The change of the market, the leaving is not only a thinking, but also the torture of heart development of titanium industry.So,charlotte trouble, but titanium industry has more worries.

    In recent years, the titanium market is desultorily, some people  speculate that the market should be back to the boom. However,the  prices of sponge titanium, titanium "planted" down again.When sighs filled in titanium industry, rumors from "the national store" at the end of 2013, titanium sponge price have risen in the sound "fool" and then "rumours" punctured, titanium sponge price like a frustrated balloon from heaven fell to ground. It’s below 60, 50, 40 thousand RMB each ton in year 2014, which has been far less than the price of 20 years ago. In 2013 titanium industry is already very upset, while in 2014 titanium industry fall more. Then in 2015,the titanium industry was always looking forward to Trinidad and Tobago.
    The price of titanium sponge in 2015 is still at the low end, seems a little higher in the process of production reduction and the destocking last year, but the price is just same as in 1993 from 20 years ago. until late June and early July the price leaps to 50 thousand RMB/ton.

    Over capacity is like playing the mouse game, his head will be knocked down immediately. when the titanium sponge price over 50 thousand RMB in early July, the reporter observed and wrote a article named ‘the titanium sponge face " rice washing " reshuffle’ who thought that enterprises will step out from losses into small profit era after the 50 thousand RMB. Small profit is profitable, in the interests of the driven, some enterprises production quickly rise, they can grasp the opportunity. But sure enough, the price just out "mouse" quickly knocked down. After the expansion of the wind, in mid-august, titanium sponge price is almost back to below 50 thousand RMB.the a bit higher price of high quality small particle size titanium sponge sold from such as CHAOYANGJINDA, ZUNYI titanium industry to Western Superconducting, BAOTI titanium for military production.
    The restarting of just to harvest a little small profit of market expansion has to be broken by the imbalance between supply and demand. over capacity of titanium industry worries again making the comeback of the just raising production knocked dazedly, and firms that production expanding are being beated again. So, together with  ups and downs in the market, stumbling, even quivering, the titanium industry enterprise walk very unstably. Because all want to recover some losses when prices flying, this caused the titanium sponge enterprises inevitably in enough "shuffle".
    The market is merciless, no tears. since october, it’s cold and cheerless, the market price of titanium sponge dropped sharply to 48. It is understood that the end of November has dropped to 43 thousand RMB/Ton due to the market downturn of the downstream titanium industry.

    Actually, the scrutinized reason is still the excess capacity still planted roots, the "roots" is titanium sponge enterprises under the action of cuts and destocking in the previous year found the resources supply coincided with the downstream titanium processing enterprises in a relative balance between supply and demand, so as to promote the value of the titanium sponge regression. However, no growth in the downstream market, some production stopping enterprises recoverd , enterprise in production expanded. these soon broke the balance between supply and demand, leading to increases in the prices of titanium sponge become "a flash in the pan".
    Titanium sponge market cold again, this is the fault of the excess capacity,a blind expansion has reopened a bitter fruit.Why titanium industry,worry and worry again. because investors flocked to titanium market when it’s good who is always desperately wanted to fight before the last breath in the black and blue market and unwilling to leave although every time the enterprise struck. After all, They can only let the relentless market in the "shuffle" wipe their tears in titanium industry.