"Titanium" Is Being By The Wind Of Domestic Large Aircraft

    Global titanium resource reserves are abundant. By 2015, Ilmenite, rutile and anatase resources more than 2 billion tons. the proven reservesof titanium ore respectively titanium iron ore 720 million tons, 46.6 million tons of rutile, amounted to 760 million tons.Global titanium resources are mainly distributed in Australia, South Africa, Canada, countries such as China and India.China ranks first in titanium iron ore reserves accounted for 27.8% of global. Australia rutile deposits account for 60% of the global, occupies the half of rutile deposits in theworld.
    But In 2014 the high-end products processing capacity,the total output of titanium in China amounted to 49700 tons,only accounts for around 30% in global total titanium processing production. From four main titanium producer in the world of downstream demand accounted for, the United States due to its powerful air, industrial enterprise, the related applications accounted for 80% of the total; In contrast, Russia is mainly used in aviation, accounted for about 60%. our country again, titanium is mainly used for low-end industries, and aerospace applications only accounts for 4% of the total, far below the using proportion of other countries which reflects China's high-end titanium processing low capacity.
    But currently, the high-end aviation industry leading titanium demand.According to public information of Shanghai aircraft design and research institute, C919 using 9.3% titanium of the overall 42.1 tons C919 weight, inferring 3.92 tons titanium consumption each C919.

    According to public information there are 517 COMAC C919 aircrafts on orders at present,in the future it will bring 2024 tons of incremental demand for aviation titanium industry, this industry rises rapidly. China large transport aircraft is fielding, military aviation titanium has a broad prospects.Because China is suffering a long time from lack of large transport aircraft, be eagerly in need of large transport aircraft. Since 2013 China domestic Y-20 large military transport aircraft first flight except for a static tester for ground test, has produced four prototype. According to the parameters of the large transport aircraft and overseas contrast estimate,titanium using accounted for about 36%. each Y-20 using 80 tons titanium. In accordance with the previous 400 demand list of Y-20 forecasting, it will lead to 32000 tons of aviation titanium incremental demand.
    China aviation has a huge promotion space in high-end titanium  demand.Comparison with foreign mainstream passenger aircraft and fighter titanium proportion, China's domestic aircraft proportion of the use of titanium to ascend. We’re very optimistic about the prospects of the high-end titanium material in China aviation.