Titanium Material "circuit Breakers" In The Market

On January 4th , China's stock market slump, fusing mechanisms like tsunami shocked the market, made the four hours quickly shorten thetime.Reporters noted that when around Shanghai stock market fell 140 points in the morning, treasure titanium shares still strong and jumpedmore than 6%.  
Military theme marks that Baoti has high-end manufacturing technology, it is low-end products of dust, and it`s pursuit of the transformationof many titanium.

Baoti is aviation titanium explorer, along with the C919 aircraft offline, flight 2015. Baoti has institutions not only the subject ofspeculation, but also real goods.Baoti production of titanium titanium skeleton aircraft has appeared exhibition.

Baoti bear the national "863" program in Marine technology "4500 meters submersible GR5 manned spherical shell" project has passed theacceptance.The project break the monopoly of the western developed countries technology,has very important significance promote China's deep-sea exploration equipment manufacturing research and development , it is conducive to enhance the level of Marine resources and raise the comprehensive strength of the country.
Stock market "fuse" investors need idea transformation to in time, and investors need to research an eye to the listed company growth.
Titanium industry overcapacity "fuse" is a market rule in the works, is a high-end manufacturing titanium for low-end enterprises "fuse" step by step.

In the future, China's titanium industry will continue to move forward in the market "circuit breakers", only "circuit breakers" can stand the market test of titanium enterprises will enjoy the high technology, excellent quality, low cost of high-end "feast".