Titanium Pipe Production Today

proccess of product titanium bars.jpg

In this warm September, our production is still in order.

This is our titanium pipes, as shown in the picture, the good quality is still the same.

From titanium sponge to titanium rod went through these processes:

(1) pressing electrode: the titanium sponge is pressed through the press to form a compact titanium sponge pressing block electrode;

(2) vacuum melting casting. The above titanium sponge pressed block electrode is melted for three times under the condition of 1700 ~ 1800℃ and -103pa.

(3) billet, under the condition of 1000℃, through the hydraulic press billet, finally pressed into a square billet;

It should be noted that the service life of the titanium rod is reduced due to high pressure when the billet is being opened. Therefore, when the titanium rod is forged by the closed die forging method, the volume of the original blank must be strictly limited, which complicates the preparation process. Whether to use closed die forging should be considered from both the interest and the feasibility of the process. Open die forging, the burrs of blank weight loss of 15% to 20% of the clamping part manufacturability waste (if the forging conditions must leave this part) accounted for 10% of the weight of the blank flash metal relative loss is usually increases with blank weight reduction, some asymmetric structure, area difference is bigger, and there are difficult to fill local forgings, burrs consumption as much as 50% for closed die forging are no burrs losses, but the blocking process is complex, you need to add more transitional type slot, will no doubt increase the ancillary expenses.

titanium bar production.jpg

Seamless titanium pipe is made by extrusion process, and welded titanium tube is made by plate crimping and welding. Generally seamless titanium tube wall thickness is relatively small, the diameter is also relatively small. Seamless titanium tube: diameter: O.D 6-108mm wall thickness: 0.5-8mm length: maximum 15000mm welded titanium tube: diameter: O.D 100-610mm seamless titanium tube Galvanized steel pipe: in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, the general steel pipe (black pipe) is galvanized. Galvanized steel pipe is divided into hot dip galvanized and electric steel zinc two kinds, hot dip galvanized thick layer, low cost of electric galvanized. Oxygen-blowing welded pipe: used for steelmaking oxygen-blowing pipe, generally used for small-caliber welded steel pipe with specifications ranging from 3/8 "to 2". Made of steel strip 08, 10, 15, 20 or q195-q235. To prevent corrosion, some carry on aluminizing processing. Wire bushing: also ordinary carbon steel welded steel tube, used in concrete and various structural power distribution projects, commonly used nominal diameter from 13 to 76mm. Wire sheath tube wall is relatively thin, most of the coating or galvanized after use, cold bending test is required. Metric welded pipe: the specification of seamless pipe form, with the outer diameter * wall thickness of mm welded steel pipe, with ordinary carbon steel, high quality carbon steel or low-alloy steel with the tropical, cold belt welding, or with the tropical welding and then made by cold. Metric welded pipe can be used for structural parts, such as transmission shaft, or fluid transfer, thin wall used for production of furniture, lamps and lanterns, to ensure the strength of steel pipe and bending test. Roller tube: used for electric welded steel tube of roller of belt conveyor, generally made of Q215, Q235A, B and 20 steel, with diameter of 63.5-219.0mm. The pipe bending, the end face must be perpendicular to the center line, the ellipticity has certain requirements, generally carries on the water pressure and the flattening test. Transformer tube: used for making transformer heat pipe and other heat exchangers, made of ordinary carbon steel. Steel pipe shall be delivered in fixed size or double size with certain requirements on the bending degree of steel pipe. Special-shaped pipe: square pipe, rectangular pipe, hat-shaped pipe, hollow rubber steel doors and Windows welded by ordinary carbon structural steel and 16Mn steel strips, mainly used for agricultural machinery components, steel Windows and doors. Welded thin wall tube: mainly used for making furniture, toys, lamps and lanterns. The thin wall tube that stainless steel belt makes in recent years applies very wide, high-grade furniture, adornment, fence. Helical welded pipe: it is the low carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel strip according to a certain helix Angle (called forming Angle) rolled into a tube billet, and then the pipe seam welding made, it can be used to produce large diameter steel pipe with narrow strip steel. Helical welded pipe is mainly used for oil and natural gas transmission pipeline, whose specification is expressed by outer diameter * wall thickness. The spiral welded pipe has one side welding and two side welding, the welded pipe should ensure the hydraulic test, the tensile strength of the weld and the cold bending performance to meet the requirements.