Titanium Standard Parts Be Delivered In The Evening

We will deliver these high quality titanium standard parts tonight, and our stock is still large!

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Classification of titanium fasteners:

1. Titanium screws:

Round head screw, self-tapping screw, hexagonal screw, countersunk head screw, word screw,

Square head screw, double head screw, non-standard screw, fastening screw, standard screw, flat head screw

2.. Titanium bolts:

Outer hexagon bolt, square neck bolt, half round head bolt, countersunk head bolt, carriage bolt, cushion combination bolt, various instrument lathe

Bolt, special-shaped non-standard bolt USES: electroplating, aluminum oxidation (anodic decomposition), chemical industry, watch industry, medicine, breeding, electronic five

Gold, plastic and other industries.

Titanium nuts hexagon nuts, self-locking nuts, circular nuts, knurled nuts, slotted nuts,

Hexagon nuts for precision machinery, special-shaped non-standard nuts.

Titanium standard parts applications

Titanium screw is an indispensable industrial necessity in our daily life. General screws for televisions, electrical products, etc.; Transportation equipment, aircraft,

Car and so on for size screw with. Titanium screw supplier the company supplies all kinds of materials of titanium screw and nut standard parts for a long time. The titanium standard parts produced by our company adhere to the high quality characteristics of titanium metal, such as corrosion resistance, silver brightness, lightness and fastness, with superior quality and preferential price, which is suitable for aluminum surface oxidation industry, and electroplating industry, aerospace industry and Marine aquaculture industry.