Why Pure Titanium Water Cup Is So Popular Among High-end Groups!

As a matter of fact, compared with other thermos cups, the price of pure titanium thermos cups is indeed much higher, but why do so many people prefer to spend more money to buy pure titanium thermos cups? Especially for families with young children.

Many parents like to carry a thermos cup in their children's schoolbag, hoping that their children can drink warm water at any time. But is any thermos healthy? Mind you don't use this thermos like this... Otherwise, it might cause cancer!

I believe that many people have used this type of thermos cup, we use it to fill the most hot water, tea, or even to fill drinks. But I have to warn you. Some products migrate excess heavy metals from acidic drinks such as carbonated drinks, lemonade and fruit juices.


A few days ago, jiangsu province bureau of quality supervision made spot check to thermos cup, "heavy metal is removed" this one, the product batch that exceeds set limit value is not little, worry! Do you dare to use it when safety is not guaranteed?

Stainless steel vacuum cup juice release heavy metal!

In the life, many people in addition to using a thermos cup to pack water, but also can pack juice, fruit tea, fruit powder infusion, carbonated drinks and other acidic drinks. But the quality inspection personnel, because the main material of stainless steel thermos cup is stainless steel, and stainless steel melting point is higher, will not be released due to high temperature. But stainless steel is most afraid of strong acid, if a long time to load a strong acid drink, it is likely to cause damage to its liner.

Stainless steel insulation cup inner bladder damage, will cause the chromium, nickel, manganese elements contained in stainless steel accelerated migration, and is very likely to migrate more heavy metals in a short time. And the migration is often invisible to the naked eye, posing health risks to users.

Chromium: potentially damaging to the skin, respiratory and digestive systems, especially long-term hexavalent chromium poisoning can cause damage to the skin and nasal mucous membranes, and in severe cases, lung and skin cancers.

Nickel: 20% of the population is allergic to nickel. Nickel also affects cardiovascular function, thyroid function and so on.

Manganese: long-term excessive consumption will affect the function of the nervous system, resulting in memory loss, lethargy, mental malaise and other phenomena.


Stainless steel thermos cup carrying Chinese medicine effect!

Some people also like to soak traditional Chinese medicine in a thermos cup, convenient to carry and drink. However, a large number of acidic substances are dissolved in the Fried Chinese medicine, which is easy to react with the chemical substances contained in the inner wall of the thermos cup, and dissolve into the decoction, which will have adverse effects on the human body.

Pure titanium thermos cup does not have to worry about this point, it is strong acid and alkali resistance properties, contact with Chinese medicine, but will not produce any chemical reaction, can achieve Chinese medicine safety, convenient to carry.


Pure titanium vacuum cup

Titanium, known as the biological metal, widely used in medical devices, implantable, non-toxic element, is the world recognized health of plant nerve and taste nerve does not have any effect, resistance to acid alkali, whether it's coffee, fruit juice, fruit tea, fruit powder, granule, carbonated drinks, milk can easily hold, no precipitation of heavy metals, comfortable and healthy.


Health value ten thousand gold, especially for families with children, pay more attention to health, pure titanium thermos cup, let you follow your heart, want to drink what to install what, without any restrictions, even people allergic to metal can feel at ease to use pure titanium cup.

Have higher requirements for life, life good things, a cup, a lifetime.