Nickel 99 Welding Rod

Nickel 99 Welding Rod
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Nickel 99 Welding Rod

ERNi - 1

Compliance :AWS A5.14 erni-1

GB/T15620 SNi2061

Description and application: pure nickel gas welding wire. Due to the addition of Ti element in the welding wire, the porosity in the welding process is avoided, the arc is stable, the forming is beautiful, and the deposited metal has a good comprehensive performance, which is suitable for the welding of nickel base alloy and bimetal used in chemical equipment, and it can also be used as the welding of transition layer between different metals.

Notes of Nickel 99 Welding Rod:

1. Remove rust, oil, water and other impurities before welding.

2. Note that the temperature between layers (channels) should be controlled below 100C.

3. The operation should be short arc, and the arc length should be controlled at 1-3mm.


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